Marta Olasik

Marta Olasik – a PhD candidate in the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw. Specialising in queer sociology, and working under associate professor Jacek Kochanowski, she unmasks gender and sexuality as tools of (and for) oppression. She is doing her PhD research on lesbian (non)identities, sexualities, self-identification(s) and specifically lesbian emotions. With this she intends to increase visibility of non-heterosexual women in the Polish social space, as well as to introduce some adequate discourse concerning them. Earlier, she graduated from the English Institute at the University of Lodz, where, under the auspices of Małgorzata Myk, PhD, she first familiarised herself with gender/queer perspectives during her M.A. thesis research. She is also an active English tutor. A co-organiser of the conference ‘Non-Normative Family Practices.’

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