Agnieszka Weseli

Agnieszka Weseli aka Furja is a historian of sexuality; her interests include: sexual education on the Polish territories in the 19th, prostitution, forced prostitution and homosexuality in Auschwitz, the presence of lesbians, transsexual and transgender people in the Polish society and culture, lesbian sexuality, lesbianism and sadomasochism. She has contributed articles, among others, to "Rita Baum", "Przegląd Historyczny", "Zadra", "Katedra", or "Polityka", as well as a number of English publications. A translator and an editor. She co-produced such projects as "Poradnia Antyhomofobiczna", the "LESteśmy w Polsce" calendar, and "Fakty przeciwko mitom o lesbijkch i gejach" by Porozumienie Lesbijek (LBT); and also the first Polish queererotic festival FAQ! (May 2007). Furja co-authored the photo "Kiedy kobieta kocha kobietę" album (2008). A social activist. A co-founder and a member of the socio-cultural queer collective called UFA: An author and a co-creator of a few interactive projects - "Porno", "WYkroczeNIA", or "Słodkie sztuki") A co-founder and a member of the queer Barbie Girls cabaret. Involved in the OLA-Archiwum project and the "Furia Pierwsza" magazine, which have been started afresh. A co-author of the independent research project "QUEERstoria - the (un)forgettable history of LBTQ". At present she is studying process oriented psychology.

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